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Blackthorne Products Return Policy

Blackthorne Products is very concerned with our customers' satisfaction.  We try very hard to ship the correct order in a timely manner.  With this in mind, we offer a no questions asked return policy with a three day inspection period. (Three days from the date of DELIVERY)

Goods can be returned by the ORIGINAL PURCHASER within three days of the date of delivery with no questions asked for a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping, labor, special order, and non-certified funds charges) by complying with the following instructions:

1.        The goods must be returned in the same condition that they were received.  Goods cannot be returned if they have been altered or fit in any way.  Check your parts carefully when you receive them, TEST FIRE THEM BEFORE ANY THING ELSE if there is a problem DO NOT ALTER THE PARTS IN ANY WAY!!!  If you do so you will NOT be able to return them. Blackthorne Products is the only entity authorized to do repair work on our products.  Blackthorne Products will not , under ANY (repeat ANY) circumstances condone or reimburse for any other entity's work. If you choose to have any other entity other than Blackthorne Products service your rifle YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CHARGES! This bears repeating:  Blackthorne Products will not, for any reason, be responsible for any charges by third parties!   Should you chose to have a third party service your parts, you alone are responsible for any and all costs.  DO NOT SHOOT RELOADED/REMANUFACTURED AMMUNITION AT ANY TIME OR FOR ANY REASON!!!  DOING SO IS DANGEROUS AND VOIDS ALL WARRANTIES!!!  ANY CASE THAT HAS BEEN FIRED AND THEN RELOADED IS RELOADED AMMUNITION, DO NOT SHOOT IT!!!

2.        A Return Number (NOT the sales number), which can be obtained from Blackthorne Products via email, must appear on the OUTSIDE of the package in two places (magic marker works best).  If the Return Number is not visible on the outside of the package, the package will be refused.

3.        The customer is responsible for shipping back to Blackthorne Products at 9487 Inver Grove Trail, Inver Grove MN 55076 (do NOT send to the PO box!)  Please ensure that you require an adult signature, that you insure the package for the correct amount, and that you package the return in compliance with the carrier's (UPS, Fed Ex, etc) packing requirements.  Blackthorne Products will not be held liable for any return shipping or damage.

4.        A refund check will be mailed or the credit card will be credited for the purchase price of the items.  Shipping and other charges are not refundable.

5.        A copy of the sales receipt must accompany the return.

6.        If a return is requested after the three day inspection period has expired, all of the above points must be followed and there will be a 15% restocking fee.  In no case are returns allowed past 30 days from the date on the receipt.  DO NOT WAIT TO INSPECT, ASSEMBLE AND TEST FIRE YOUR PARTS!!!  If you do not have the mating parts, or if you are not going to be able to fully inspect the parts promptly, do not order until you have the mating parts and/or are able to carefully inspect your purchase.  ALL PARTS MUST BE ASSEMBLED/INSTALLED BY A CERTIFIED AND QUALIFIED GUNSMITH!!!!  

7.        Please order your items very carefully, it is your responsibility to order the correct item by item number.  If you are unsure if the items you are ordering will work for your particular application, please email our technical staff before ordering.

8.    If  you win an auction and for any reason wish to return the parts, there will be additional charges for the auction and management of the auction.

9.        It is required that you, the customer, have read and understand this return policy.  YOU CANNOT ORDER WITHOUT TELLING US EXPLICITLY THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO ABIDE BY THESE TERMS, when you hit the "I AGREE" button before you are allowed to place the order.  By placing an order you are bound to the conditions of this policy. Do not hit the "I AGREE" button unless you truly do give your word that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by these terms.

10.  Please ensure that you include a letter that explains what you would like us to do.  Refund?  Replace?  Repair?  You'd be surprised how many times we receive an item with no instructions.  If there are no specific instructions included we will refund the card.  Refund/Repair/Replacement is at the sole discretion of Blackthorne Products.

11.  All communication is to be by email.  We do this to ensure accountability, alacrity, and the ability to confirm communications.  Please do not call, email.

It is our pleasure to supply you the great products at the best prices with the best service.  To ensure that we can continue to do so, please ensure that you follow these instructions when a return is necessary.


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