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Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions and the answers to these questions. Please read through these questions for the answers to questions that you may have. If your question is not addressed in the FAQ's please
e-mail your questions to  Please note:  All FAQ's are superseded by information found on the HOME page!.  

How do I order?
You can order through our online store and your card is charged when the order is placed, or by mail  Blackthorne Products LLC, PO Box 2441, South Saint Paul, MN 55076.

How long does it take to Ship?
We try very hard to ship orders as fast as humanly possible.  Over 95% of our on-line credit card orders ship within 3 working days of receipt of payment.  Upon occasion, during periods of heavy orders, it may take  longer.    Usually UPS will Quantum View Notify you via email with a tracking number when your order is shipped but sometimes this email will not get through SPAM filters etc.

How and when do tracking numbers get generated?
UPS generates a tracking number immediately upon receipt of the order, even though the package may not ship immediately.  You can check the actual shipping status at  (it will show if it has shipped and where it currently is)  Please take note of all shipping updates on the Home page before you order and actually read what you are agreeing to.    Depending on the location that we are shipping to, it usually takes 3 - 5 WORKING days for UPS to deliver.   We are sorry but UPS will not allow us to request special delivery instructions (ie. "Leave it on the back porch" or "Have UPS call me when they are ready to deliver") MAKE SURE YOU READ THE ENTIRE HOME PAGE FOR SHIPPING UPDATES BEFORE YOU ORDER.

Explain Pricing?
We accept VISA, MC, and AMEX.  We also accept money orders that are mailed in.  All prices are FOB  Blackthorne Products. All sales shipped to MN addresses are subject to 6.875% sales tax.  All prices and specifications are subject to change WITHOUT NOTICE.  We try very hard to ensure that the prices and specifications shown on this website are up to date, but occasionally something may be incorrect or have changed.

What discounts are Available?
Since nothing we sell requires an FFL for purchase, we do not discount for FFL holders.  The ONLY discounts that we offer are QUANTITY discounts as follows:  QTY 10-99 complete AR15 parts kits (everything less stripped lower)  or 1911A1 slides ordered and paid for at one time the discount is 5%, QTY 100+ complete AR15 type parts kits ordered and paid for at one time the discount is 10%. This discount applies to COMPLETE AR15 type parts kits only.  We do not offer any other discounts.

What Shipping is Available?
All orders are shipped via UPS ground. 2-DAY and NEXT-DAY service are available for an additional charge. Shipments must be made to a STREET ADDRESS ONLY!!!; PO Boxes, APO, etc. are NOT acceptable.  We do not ship outside the US.  Sorry, we do not ship by USPS or other means.  Please do not ask us to do so.  We do NOT accept third party payments for shipping of ANY kind (ie.  "Ship it on my UPS account")  Please note that the website automatically computes the shipping based on size, weight, dollar value of the shipment, and other factors.  Please review your order VERY CAREFULLY paying special attention to the shipping, handling, and insurance charges, these are computed by the website and are non-negotiable.  Do not confirm your order until after you have carefully reviewed it and found it to be acceptable. Once placed your order cannot be changed or edited.   We do not allow local pickups of any type.


Can I change my order once it is submitted?                                                                                               
Sorry, but the on-line order system is completely automated and once you submit the order, the order cannot be changed, items cannot be added or deleted, and shipping cannot be combined because the total has been calculated and your card already charged.  Please be absolutely sure that your order is complete and correct before you submit the order!

What happens if you are out of stock?
We try very hard to ship in a timely manner.   The great majority of our orders are shipped the same day if we receive the order before 12:00 noon.  If we are out of stock on an item but expect it in shortly, we take no action other than shipping it as soon as possible.  If we expect that it will be a longer wait, we will post this information on the HOME page so that our customers can check the HOME page BEFORE they order and can choose to wait to place their order is there is a back order.

How do I assemble the parts?
Assembly of any of the parts or uppers from Blackthorne must be done by a qualified gunsmith.  They can check all the critical components and measurements to ensure safe operation.   Manuals are available free all over the internet.

Do you make any custom kits or customize parts?
No, all parts come as described.  We do not do ANY custom work or put together any custom kits or coatings.

We understand that there can be differences in opinion and issues that may arise in your order.  Our minimum requirements for communications are that you keep them respectful and professional.  If you are not mature enough to do so, then we are not comfortable selling you parts for firearms and will take the necessary actions to refrain from doing so.

What is the Return/Repair Policy? 
Blackthorne Products is very concerned with our customers' satisfaction.  We try very hard to ship the correct order in a timely manner.  With this in mind, we offer a no questions asked return policy with a three day inspection period.

Goods can be returned from the ORIGINAL PURCHASER ONLY within three days of receipt with no questions asked for a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping, labor, special order, and non-certified funds charges) by complying with the following instructions:

1.    The goods must be returned in the same condition that they were received and in their entirety (ie. you cannot send back parts of a parts kit, you must return the ENTIRE parts kit)  Goods cannot be returned if they have been altered or fit in any way.  Check your parts carefully when you receive them, if there is a problem DO NOT ALTER THE PARTS IN ANY WAY!!!  If you do so you will NOT be able to return them.

2.    A Return Number, which can be obtained from Blackthorne Products LLC, and good for 10 days from the date of receipt, must appear on the OUTSIDE of the package in two places.  If the Return Number is not visible on the outside of the package, the package will be refused.  Magic marker works best.

3.    The customer is responsible for shipping back to Blackthorne Products LLC.  Please ensure that you require an adult signature and that you insure the package for the correct amount.   Blackthorne Products will not be held liable for any return shipping or damage for ANY reason (even if you believe differently).

4.    A refund check will be mailed or the credit card will be credited for the purchase price of the items.  Shipping and other charges are not refundable for ANY reason (even if you believe they should be).

5.    A copy of the sales receipt must accompany the return.

6.    If a return is requested after the three day inspection period has expired, all of the above points must be followed and there will be a 15% restocking fee per.  In no case are returns allowed past 30 days from the date on the receipt.  DO NOT WAIT TO INSPECT YOUR PARTS!!! If you do not have the mating parts, or if you are not going to be able to fully inspect the parts promptly, do not order until you do.

7.    Please order your items very carefully, it is your responsibility to order the correct item by item number.  If you are unsure if the items you are ordering will work for your particular application, please email our technical staff before ordering.

8.    It is assumed that you, the customer, have read and understand this return policy.  By placing an order you are bound to the conditions of this policy.

9.    Please ensure that you include a letter with the return explaining what you would like us to do.  Refund?  Replace?  Repair?  All items are sold as is and you would be surprised how many times we receive just the return and have no idea what the customer would like.

It is our pleasure to supply you the great products at the best prices with the best service.  To ensure that we can continue to do so, please ensure that you follow these instructions when a return is necessary.  Please note that any profanity or lack of common courtesy may result in your email being blocked.

AR Parts

The following section applies to AR-15 parts only.
What is an AR-15 Receiver?
A receiver is the gun as far as BATFE is concerned. On an AR-15 type rifle, this is the part that houses the hammer, trigger etc. and the magazine.   Blackthorne Products does NOT sell lower receivers.

Who makes Blackthorne Parts?
Most of the major parts are made by military contractors.  The upper receiver, bolt and carrier group, lower receiver parts kits and certain buttstocks etc.  Our barrels are mostly made by Wilson and Mossberg.  We headspace every parts kit.

Barrel info
Blackthorne purchases the barrels in our kits from Wilson and Mossberg.  All of our 5.56mm barrels have a standard mil-spec chamber.  As the barrels are un-marked, we simply cannot tell the difference in manufacturers so we cannot honor requests for specific manufacturers.  Our barrels are made from chrome-moly 4150 steel, except our Stainless steel barrels, these are made from 416R re-sulpherized gun quality stainless steel.  Barrels are un-marked.  All 16" barrels use a standard carbine length gas system.  We do not normally chrome line our barrels because this degrades accuracy and, because of advances in the quality of ammunition, is not really needed for corrosion resistance for most people.  With this said, we do offer our barrels chrome lined on special order.  Chrome lined barrels are extra.  This should not be necessary unless you operate in or around salt water and have an aversion to cleaning your firearm.  If you require more corrosion resistance than normal, get a stainless barrel.  Chrome lined barrels are ordered by using the item # AR-Chrome.  

Adjustable Gas System
We use a larger gas port to accommodate the widest variety of loads.  Our gas blocks are designed to be user adjustable for the amount of gas used to operate the action.  Simply move the gas block forward or rearward on the barrel to partially obscure the gas port in the barrel until the proper amount of gas is used to operate the action reliably with whatever load you are using.

Are  Blackthorne Products uppers and complete kits headspaced?
By defintion, headspace is the relationship between three parts:  The bolt, the barrel (chamber) and the barrel extension.  All three parts for the specific firearm must be used to check headspace.  Anytime a bolt that was not specifically headspaced to a specific barrel is used headspace must checked and/or adjusted. This is true when purchasing an upper from ANY seller.  Headspace cannot, by defintion, be set without the bolt, barrel and barrel extension.  The lugs should also be lapped into the bolt you are using.  Even if you purchase a BCG with an upper this must be done (we have no way of knowing how you are going to use the bolt).  If you do not purchase a complete kit the upper will be cut to minimum headspace.  It must be this way to avoid excessive headspace with any mil spec bolt (tolerance stacking). If your bolt is not made to the minimum spec (but still within the mil spec tolerance) you may have to headspace.  If you purchase just an upper we cannot, by definition, headspace it for you because we do not have the specific bolt you are using.  If you purchase a complete kit, which includes the specific bolt to be used in the completed firearm, we do this for you.

Used or non-mil spec bolts may not headspace correctly and we do NOT recommend using anything other than BRAND NEW, MIL SPEC bolts.  ALL uppers and barrels should be checked for headspace before firing. All 5.56mm barrels are gauged to a mil spec headspace dimension of 1.4636" to 1.4736".  We do not guarantee any specific headspace dimension, only that it is within the mil spec  of 1.4636" to 1.4736" when measured with a brand new, mil spec bolt. DO NOT FIRE WITHOUT CHECKING/SETTING HEADSPACE FIRST!!!

All 7.62 NATO barrels are gauged to a mil spec headspace dimension of 1.6355" to 1.6455".  We do not guarantee any specific headspace dimension, only that it is within the mil spec  of 1.6355" to 1.6455"  when measured with a brand new, mil spec bolt.

What ammo should I use?
Selecting the proper ammo is extremely important!  The grand majority of all malfunctions are directly related to ammo and/or magazine.  We recommend (together with every other firearms manufacturer that we are aware of)  that you shoot factory new, SAAMI spec ammo only!  Shooting surplus, reloaded, steel cased, or any non-SAAMI spec ammo will not only cause malfunctions but is dangerous!  DO NOT SHOOT RELOADED/REMANUFACTURED AMMUNITION OR SURPLUS AMMUNITION AT ANY TIME OR FOR ANY REASON!!!  DOING SO VOIDS ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES!!! Hard primers (especially on WOLF and other Russian ammo),  OAL issues (on reloads), pressure issues (on surplus and WOLF ammo) etc. are common on reloaded and non-SAAMI spec ammo.  Please, for your sake, shoot new, SAAMI spec ammo only!

How accurate are these guns?
The parts kits that we sell will probably out perform the shooter.  To answer any accuracy questions, a statistically valid sample, under lab conditions, would have to be done, shooting hundreds of groups with each configuration barrel and various makes of ammo.  We have not done this, so any answer that we could supply would have no statistically valid data to back it up.  We could simply "make something up" to pacify those asking these types of questions, and if that is the case, these barrels will generally shoot into a minute and half of angle with factory loads (this can be significantly reduced with the proper load) and last 15,000 to 25,000 rounds, varying widely on usage.  With that said, there are no guarantees of accuracy on any products  Blackthorne Products sells.  If you want an accuracy guarantee, spend the extra $1,000.00 and buy a big name brand gun that guarantees it's accuracy.  If there is a defect in materials and/or workmanship, we will, by all means, rectify the situation. Please note that due to the violent extraction and reloading process we do not recommend soft point rounds.  The tip will be deformed upon entering the chamber and will degrade the accuracy and reliability of the firearm.

What is the recommended break in procedure?
We recommend that you VERY THOROUGHLY clean the chamber and bore and ensure a dry chamber and bore before shooting.  We coat the bore and chamber with a preservative that can be quite stubborn to remove.  We recommend a chamber brush on a cordless drill and plenty of bore cleaner.  There may be a small burr from the gas hole.  This is completely normal. It will not cause any problems or damage in any way and will be swaged out upon firing the first round.  We coat the chamber and bore with a preservative for obvious resons before shipping.  This preservative must be removed before shooting.  We recommend cleaning then shooting one round and then cleaning the chamber and bore.  Repeat this ten times.  Then fire ten rounds and clean the chamber and bore.  Repeat this ten times.  That is all there is to it.

What is legal?
Generally speaking, if it has a buttstock the barrel must be 16 inches or longer.  If the barrel is shorter than 16 inches it must be on a pistol registered receiver and NOT have a buttstock. These are just guidelines, any specific legal questions should be asked of BATFE.

We are not lawyers and as such we do not give legal advice.  YOU are solely responsible for knowing any and all Federal, State, and Local laws regarding firearms and/or firearms parts. If you are at all unsure, get the advise of law enforcement, BATFE, or your lawyer, and get it in writing.  Again, we are not lawyers, nor can we be expected to know the legalities of each and every state and municipality.  All the parts that we sell are legal under federal law, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that they are legal in your area.  This is especially important when assembling a complete firearm or modifying the configuration of a firearm.  Do yourself a favor and be absolutely sure that what you are doing is legal.  Contact BATFE or your local DOJ with any specific questions that you may have.

7.62 NATO  (.308) Caliber AR type parts
The following section applies to 7.62 NATO (.308) Caliber AR type parts only.

What guns will these parts fit?
The uppers that we make are made to fit Gen 1 DPMS type lowers.  All of our 7.62 NATO (.308) Caliber AR type parts are compatible with DPMS Gen 1 lowers and use a barrel nut thread of 1 7/16 - 16 TPI.


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